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Claw pick up tool

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Retrieve dropped fasteners, parts and small tools using the MAXCRAFT 3-in-1 Flex Lighted Magnetic/Claw Pick-Up Tool. The 18" flexible metal shaft can reach into tight spaces. It features a 4-prong pick-up claw that can easily grab objects and a lighted magnetic pick-up attachment that can lift ferrous metal objects up to 3 pounds. Claw Pick Up Tool Canned Goods Clamp Press Clamp Pincher Appetizer Tongs | Business & Industrial, Restaurant & Food Service, Commercial Kitchen Equipment | eBay!. 3-Claw Pick-Up Tool ITEM NO: JJCG series Retractable 3-clawed pincers with push-button control Flexible shaft holds shape to reach around obstacles Pick up non-magnetic objects such as electronic components Bi-component plastic handle grip Features : Send Message * Message :.

This tool is ideal for picking up small objects which are hard to pick up by hand and in hard to reach areas. Flexible shaft, Enables access to confined areas, Adjustable claw length. LED.

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Claw pick-up tool with three prongs can pick up any small items precisely and easily with desirable length. Chi Mark's claw pick-up tool is well-known for its strong and stable claw to.

Claw Pick Up Tool. Excellent for reaching small items lost in hidden areas. Flexible wire with non magnetic claws for minimal interference. Press action to expand and contract the jaws to.

Flexible Magnetic Claw Pick Up Tool 600mm Length. Attribute Value; Product Type: Pick Up Tools: Length: 600 mm: Perform at your best. Every day. Contact Get Organised. Teng Tools..

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